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The Riz Journal - sustainable design process, style inspiration, surf life, and our mission: to turn ocean plastics into board shorts #bottlestoboardshorts.

The Shape of Things to Come

Combining organic shapes, with modern engineering and traditional craft, magical things can happen with bamboo. With simplicity and sustainability at it's design core, welcome to the architecture of Ibuku.

It's Time for a Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week is upon us, April 23-29 2018; and we're truly excited to see how this movent is growing. Read about why it is so important and how you can help create change by asking #whomademyclothes.

The Long and the Short of it: Selecting the Right Length Shorts for You

For many gentlemen, how long their shorts should be is a common conundrum. If you’re sometimes unsure about which shorts would suit you best, then allow us to shine a little light on the subject.

Lanzarote and the Architecture of César Manrique

Lanzarote: the volcanic setting for our latest photo trip, and an island with a remarkable architectural aesthetic. We explore the legacy of artist and architect César Manrique.

Small gifts that give back

Giving a gift at Christmas is a great opportunity to both do some good, and spread some good. With that in mind we’ve selected a few simple products (that aren’t our own shorts) that we think make great ocean-friendly Christmas gifts.

So in Blue with You

The colour blue is as old as the sea and the sky itself, and yet also relatively young. Find out more about our favourite colour - it's rarity, royal links and role in classic prints.

The Sun and Your Skin

We love to feel the sun’s warming rays on our skin, but despite the many benefits of sunshine there is also a delicate balance that needs to be struck. Find out how to keep your skin healthy in the sun, whatever the season, with these skincare tips for men from expert Sarah Carr.

The Pole House, Australia

Australia does beach houses very well indeed, and one of the most iconic is The Pole House - an incredible and unique property perched 40 metres above the beach at Fairhaven on the Great Ocean Road.

Photography - A thousand kisses deep

Shot off the coast of the romote island of Niue in the middle of the South Pacific, these stunning images evoke the silence and the grandeur of the ocean. A beauty missed by words, vunerable yet so free. Captured by Ian and Erick Regnard using large format polaroids, the waters were so clear that visabilty was between 60-100 metres. The resulting photographs are just timeless.

Design: The Other Ocean Plastics

We are on a mission to turn the discarded plastic drinks bottles that litter our oceans and beaches into beautiful swimshorts. But, what about the rest of the plastic that washes up on our shores? Thankfully, others are also addressing the issue of ocean plastics and are finding ways to turn that colourful plastic waste into beautiful items.

The Enduring Class of J Class Yachts

What gentleman doesn’t spend his winter daydreaming of spending the coming summer aboard a classic yacht, stood at the wheel with the wind on your face? And, if you were asked to describe that yacht, the chances are that you would end up describing the classic lines of a J Class yacht.

The Mermaid's Mystical Allure

The mermaid is a mythical aquatic creature that has captivated mankind’s imagination and appeared in our folklore in various forms for thousands of years. We look at why these beautiful and fragile symbols of our seas have endured for so long.

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