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The Riz Journal - sustainable design process, style inspiration, surf life, and our mission: to turn ocean plastics into board shorts #bottlestoboardshorts.

The Process: Designing Our Shorts

What goes in to producing the shorts that you pull on in the morning? How did they come to be, and why do they look, fit, and function in the way that they do? As with everything, it all starts with an idea and a blank sheet of paper. Find out about our design process in the first of our occasional series in which we’ll share with you every step that goes into creating a pair of our swim shorts.

The Origins of Aloha Style

“Real men wear flowers” is a favourite mantra of ours here at Sunny Cove Studios, and the development of our signature “British-Hawaiian style” gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the natural world and weave the themes of endangered British wild flowers, insects, and marine flora and fauna into our print designs. Floral prints on menswear often polarizes opinion, however the Aloha style has a fascinating history and, when done well, conveys the romantic allure of laid-back island living like nothing else.

Behind the Scenes of Bottles to Boardshorts

At the core of everything we do here at Riz is a desire to fight the scourge of plastic pollution that blights our oceans. Last year we successfully reached our crowdfunding target for our #bottlestoboardshorts campaign, part of our mission to make beautiful shorts for a beautiful, plastic free, ocean. Here’s how we’ve been getting on to date.

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