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The Riz Journal - sustainable design process, style inspiration, surf life, and our mission: to turn ocean plastics into board shorts #bottlestoboardshorts.

Ali Murrell: The Man Behind #bottlestoboardshorts

Recycling the waste plastic bottles that litter our beaches and oceans into material to turn into our swim shorts is an incredibly rewarding mission that nonetheless presents us with some very specific challenges. The man who meets these challenges head on in his role heading up our #bottlestoboardshorts project is Ali Murrell, one of the founding partners behind Riz Boardshorts.

Design: The Other Ocean Plastics

We are on a mission to turn the discarded plastic drinks bottles that litter our oceans and beaches into beautiful swimshorts. But, what about the rest of the plastic that washes up on our shores? Thankfully, others are also addressing the issue of ocean plastics and are finding ways to turn that colourful plastic waste into beautiful items.

Photography - A thousand kisses deep

Shot off the coast of the romote island of Niue in the middle of the South Pacific, these stunning images evoke the silence and the grandeur of the ocean. A beauty missed by words, vunerable yet so free. Captured by Ian and Erick Regnard using large format polaroids, the waters were so clear that visabilty was between 60-100 metres. The resulting photographs are just timeless.

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