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London Beach Clean Series

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With the weather improving we’ll soon be starting our Thames foreshore cleans again. Our hope, to raise more awareness than ever about single-use plastic and for the first time in a long time reduce the negative impact it’s having on our precious river and finally the sea! 

This week the Marine Conservation Society released its latest ‘Source to Sea’ pollution data, which states that 80% of litter in the Thames is made up of single-use items. This is yet more evidence that an urgent deposit return scheme is needed for drinks bottles and cans, and a stark reminder for us all to change our consumer habits. 

We’ll be focussing our monthly Saturday cleanups on a small nook of the River called CrabTree Dock near Hammersmith. Because of its shape and angle this small beach collects a lot of rubbish, which is such a contrast to the wonderful weeping willow and cosy cove.


Thanks to Thames 21, London’s leading waterway charity, we can provide all equipment-  so no welly-boots needed, or pickers or gloves. We just need YOU.



March - 12pm Saturday 2nd.

April  - TBC

May - TBC

June - TMC



Crabtree Dock ( Behind the Crabtree Pub)

Rainville Road, Hammersmith

W6 9HA



You can also join the conversation via our Bottles to Boardshorts Instgram, or email us for an alert reminder.



How can you help beat plastic pollution?

  • Making small changes to your everyday life can really help reduce the impact of plastic entering our rivers and oceans. 
  • Start with giving up one single-use items for good. Forever. No more. By changing one thing, this may help you change everything.
  • Get vocal. Challenge your friends, or a company or an organisation to do the same. Use social media. Use your voice. On our own we are just singular drops, together we are an ocean. 
  • Connect and collaborate. Get creative. Innovation only happens when there is a need - and our need is now. 

What are we doing? 'Bottles to Beautiful'

Every single clear plastic bottle that we collect from a cleanup we will turn into something beautiful. Currently only this highest grade plastic can be upcycled and spun into yarn - which is our goal. However along the way we aim to collaborate with other designers and creators to turn smaller batches of these ‘bottles into beautiful’; products of change.


Please get in contact if you’d like to join the movement, or would simply like to learn more.



To stay in the loop with our Plastic Journey, sign up to the Riz Newsletter >  


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