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A Design Collaboration - Sun hats from Japan

As seasons pass and more ranges of swimshorts get made, we are left with end-of-roll fabrics. A few metres here and there gather and wait. We often brainstorm what do with these, knowing they would make cool other 'Sunshine' items, things we don't normally make. Then last summer while travelling through Japan and spending time there, an opportunity arose with good friend and accessory designer, Mie Tanaka.

Mie runs a small sustainable brand called Tel You (named after her children, Tell and Yu) in the foothills of Mount Fuji - a place of immense space and calm. It's a far cry from her home town of Tokyo and little ol' London. Here she says she is more creative, and on visiting there myself I can see why. Her considered, crafted designs are coloured by the seasons and the pace of nature - organic yet clean. You can feel the influences or both city and mountains. This is a long way away from swim shorts and the sea, but we both share the same vision of 'substance, style and sustainabilty' and are constantly refining one thing. For Mie, this is the Sun Hat.

Made in Japan, the hats are crafted by an artisan hatmaker. Using our end-of-roll swimshort fabrics, that otherwise would go to waste, adds another layer to both brands. I've always thought that a collaboration should create something that you cannot create on your own, like a 'special move' in a computer game, you're stronger together. As Tailors of Sunshine, we're therefore extremely excited to launch two small batches of limited edition sun hats. We are only making 15 of each pattern so they are true pieces of art.

The first batch of hats will be launched at the end of May, the second batch at the end of June.

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Learn more about the designs and details of Tel You, via their Instgram 




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