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Sea Trials in Sardinia

Whilst this year August was, right up until the last gasp, a bit of a washout in the UK, Italy sweltered under scorching sunshine and high temperatures that had the government issuing public health warnings. During this time Riz spent ten days in Sardinia, taking in the unique Italian beach culture, putting next season’s shorts through sea trials, and seeking inspiration. 


walking into the wilderness in sardinia wearing riz swimshorts 


Sardinia is an island ringed by white sand beaches that are bordered by granite boulders and beautiful seas that span the full spectrum of blues. It’s natural beauty, combined with the Italians' love of the sun, make it the perfect destination to get away from it all and spend all you time in swim shorts. 


 riz boardshorts founder riz smith climbing along the rocks in sardinia wearing the burgh boardshort in block bee and orange


"We set off in search of some solitude. Bought a dry bag, snorkel and mask, packed the iPhone as a camera, factor 50, a sarong and off we went. Clear blue waters were filled with tiny fish, soft shaped rocks made from hard faced granite were burning to touch and even the blissful quiet was filled with the intensity of summer."


 riz boardshorts founder riz smith wearing the buckler short in crystal clear waters in sardinia



 Riz silhouetted in cala luna cave, sardinia


“Most days were spent enjoying the simple pleasures a Mediterranean summer can drench you in. The rich, intense heat on the skin, the infectious joy of knowing that each day will be the same as the last, punctuated with simple swims and the little lie downs. There was a feeling of being a child again, because that's what holidays do."


riz boardshorts founder diving from a rock into the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea off sardinia


"I was inspired by the simplicity of every day beach life and the timeless rituals and feelings it evokes. The beach provides Italians with a deep cultural togetherness, crowded yet calm - a flock of summer worshippers. I sought solitude and seclusion away from man and motor, away from the cities and the sounds. The art of nothing in summer is everything.”


Riz wore the Braunton polka dot in denim (particularly in the evening, paired with a linen shirt and espadrilles), the new Buckler polka dot in black, the Burgh block bee in orange and the Buckler Gul in navy.  To keep the searing sun off his head, he wore a straw fedora all day, everywhere.









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