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You the Ocean and Me

Inspired by a piece of graffiti we once saw on a wall, ‘You, the Ocean and me’ has since become a charming phrase we often use. It's romantic connotations evoke getting lost in beautiful places with someone special, and also as a rallying call for us all to protect what we love. It can even relate to your trusty shorts as the 'You', or to Rosie the mermaid, who will protect you when in the sea.  


It seemed the perfect phrase to dedicate to the Blue Capsule, our most sustainable and beautifully blue collection. You will therefore find it stitched into the fabric of every pair of shorts. Like a simple hand written message, it is purposely hidden (blue on blue), to be understood rather than shown.

With every thread in this capsule being made out of recycled plastic we hope you enjoy it's meaning and take a moment to wonder what the ocean means to you.


 Enjoy your journey into Blue.

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